Classes List 2023-24

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A list of classes that will be available is given below.  Please note that before you can enrol for a Class, you must have Registered as a Member (which covers the full academic year). If you were a Member last year you can log in with the User Name and Password that you created then and go to the Registration page to renew your Membership for the new year. New members will also need to Register and take out Membership using the button below.

Membership and classes can be paid online by Credit/Debit Card. 

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We update the list below periodically to indicate which classes are already full.


Term 3 Classes 2023/24

 Bookings Open on 13th April at 10am.

Term  Classes run mostly for 8-10 weeks

starting from 29th April to 21st June

Basket Making – Beginners & Improvers Monday – £122.00  Class Full
Basket Making -Intermediate Tuesday pm – £130.50 Class Full
Basket Making – Self Help – Will restart in September
Clay Portraiture -Tuesday am & pm – £105  
Experiment and Create in watercolour Friday am – £68 
Kiln Glass  Monday evening & Friday am – £84 Classes Full
Knitting  Tues pm £85 Class Full
Life Drawing Untutored Saturday pm -£60 
Painting and Drawing  Monday am    – £85  
Painting Self Help Groups Thursday am & pm -£28
Pottery Tues & Wed am & evening Thurs am – £112  Classes Full
Print making  3 classes – Wed afternoo & early and late evening – £96  Afternoon &Late Evening Class Full
Silver Jewellery Self Help Group Tuesday evening – £28
Spinning Self Help Group Tues am – £28
Upholstery  Tues pm & evening Thurs am & pm £114 All Classes Full
Weaving Self Help Group with Marie Henderson Tuesday pm – £28 
Weaving Class with Kirsty Odds – Wed & Thursday – £85  Thurs Class Full
Woodcarving Self Help Group Thursday am – £28