Membership Information

Anyone 16 or over can join Poldrate Arts & Crafts Centre. Membership fees (£15 per annum ) are payable in addition to class fees. It is expected that all Members will enrol in a class or self-help-group.

 We produce a Community Newsletter that is distributed throughout East Lothian which contains our timetable of all classes offered, this newsletter is also emailed to current members.

For further details of benefits see our Members Benefits page

You are also entitled to exhibit in the PACC annual student exhibition.

If you are attending classes or groups you are also entitled to use the building outwith class hours in order to continue class activities, but we do advise students to email or phone first to find out if the room is available to use and is not being used by another class or group which is not listed on our timetable.

Restrictions will apply for lone use of PACC equipment.

Please note that use of the buildings outwith class time is AT YOUR OWN RISK.  To comply with health and safety and fire regulations, you MUST sign in on the sheet inside the main door of the Mill or Granary if you are in the building outwith class times.  For full details please see the PACC  Members Lone Working Policy  which can be found HERE

Access to the building:


If you’re new to Poldrate, access is by the main door of the Granary is an entry pad.

Press the large button for the floor you want (G, 1 or 3) and wait for your tutor to buzz you in for your first class.