PACC-New-Logo-001Poldrate Arts & Crafts Centre

  • Classes for 2022/23 will start 26th September.  Class bookings will open in August
  • Membership of PACC for 2022/23 will open in August
  • The PACC MEMBERS EXHIBITION 2022. Images from this exhibition are now available HERE
  • A 3 day Landscape Painting Seminar is now available for booking on the Workshops  page
  • The PACC Newsletter is now available HERE
  • MEMBERS’ EXHIBITIONS – Examples of our work at past exhibitions are available on the website.
  • PACC have issued Guidance on COVID-19 policies for Poldrate buildings during TERM time. The committee are asking everyone to:
    –  wear masks when moving round the Poldrate buildings
    – to conduct a flow test where possible before you come to classes
  • Minutes of Committee meetings are now available on the Members Only Pages

 Tutors teaching at Poldrate have their own pages which contains all up to date information and a full course list for each term. Each course listing includes any requirements lists you need to join their classes. There is more information about the tutors, details of their teaching style, and the work you will cover during the term. Also there is a list of what you will need for your first class. Click HERE to go to the tutors pages.

Poldrate Arts & Crafts Centre, located in Haddington in the wonderful Elizabeth Hamilton Buildings, offers a wide variety of arts and crafts classes and self-help groups for adults (16+ year olds).

Classes are affordable, small and friendly and accommodate a range of abilities. It’s a great place to meet other people interested in arts and crafts and spend time improving your skills, learning a new craft or just enjoying time doing something different.

PACC is run by volunteers. Classes take place in the Poldrate buildings which the Lamp of Lothian Trust  allows us to use. Our total running costs are partly covered by the class fees that we charge so we are always needing to fund-raise.