Classes List Term3 2017-18

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Here is a comprehensive list of all the classes held at Poldrate Arts and Craft Centre

ENROLMENT for these classes is now open.

TERM 3 starts on Monday 16th April 2018.

TERMS last generally for 10 weeks.(See individual class details for any variations to this)

Click on the class name you are interested in to view details of the class. Please note that before you can enrol for a Class, you must have Registered and paid a Membership fee (which covers the full academic year). If you paid this last year you can log in with the User Name and Password that you created then and go to the Registration page to pay. New members will also need to Register and take out Membership using the link below.

If you still need to REGISTER for Membership with PACC  : Register as a Member of PACC

If you wish to ENROL and PAY for a Class then you may do so here: Enrol & PAy

If you attempt to enrol in a class and the system gives the message “Sorry No Places Left”, it means that all available places in the class have been filled and you will not be able to enrol. We update the list below to indicate which classes are already full. If you would like to be put on a waiting list in case of cancellations please email explaining for which class you are trying to enrol and leaving a contact number as well as your name and email address.

Classes can be paid for online simply by your credit or debit card. Guidance on how the online payment works is provided HERE 


* ACRYLIC PAINTING – Course Fee:£70
* BASKET MAKING (Beginners & Improvers) – Course Fee:£94.50
* CLAY PORTRAITURE – Course Fee:£95
* EXPLORING DRAWING – Course Fee:£70
* KILN GLASS (Self-Help Group) – Course Fee:£32
* KILN GLASS  – Course Fee:£64
* LIFE DRAWING (Self-Help Group) – Course Fee:£30
* MIXED MEDIA – Course Fee:£70
* OIL PAINTING (Self-Help Group) – Course Fee:£30
* PAINTING GROUP (Self-Help Group) – Course Fee:£30
* POTTERY – Course Fee:£110 Beginners & Tues Am Courses Full
* PRINT MAKING – Course Fee:£70
* SILVER JEWELLERY (Self-Help Group) – Course Fee:£30
* SPINNING AND WEAVING (Self-Help Group) – Course Fee:£30
* SPINNING Beginners – Course Fee:£70
* TAPESTRY WEAVING – Course Fee:£70
* UPHOLSTERY – Course Fee:£97.50
* UPHOLSTERY (Advanced) – Course Fee:£120
* WOODCARVING – Course Fee:£105
* WOODCARVING (Self-Help Group) – Course Fee:£30