Weaving Many Patterns One Threading


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Day:    Thursday 11:00-1:30pm  – Starts 13th January  (8 weeks)

Tutor: Kirsty Odds

In weaving the setting up, or dressing of a loom, is a very time consuming part of the process.  Over the course of this term of classes we will learn how to weave many patterns from the same loom set-up providing an insight into the versatility of weaving using a straight draw draft.

This class is aimed at students with some weaving experience and will hopefully provide a refresher of some patterns such as plain weave, twills and basket weaves but also explore how we can gain patterns such as waffle weave, canvas weave, summer and winter, sateen and crepe weaves on an 8-shaft loom without having to rethread our loom.  Very useful when we want to experiment with samples for new projects or for projects such as scarves where we might want to weave multiple patterns along the piece.