Mixed Media with Still Life


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Days:  Tuesday 10-12 noon  6 weeks from 26/04

Tutor: Andrew Watson

Desc: An exploration of natural forms

An open mind and a willingness to experiment are essential for this course. They will help you find you own path and develop into a more confident artist.

Aims and objectives

The main aim is for you to create a mixture of experimental and more resolved pieces across a range of media. We will begin by drawing in black and white and explore various combinations of media before moving to colour later in the course.


For this course you will need A2 and A1 cartridge paper, brown wrapping paper, coloured card, pencils, eraser, charcoal, (willow and compressed), charcoal pencil, black biro pen, white oil bar, graphite sticks, black Indian ink, oil pastels, white tissue paper, pva glue, watercolour set, gesso, acrylic and oil paints, a palette knife, a small cheap printing roller, brushes (small and large), scissors and a palette.

Don’t worry if you do not have all these materials; just bring what you have and you can build up as you go. For the first part of the course it is important that you bring two wild plants of you choice and have pencils (HB, 2B, 4B, 6B), graphite sticks, Indian ink, white oil bar, A2 heavy weight cartridge paper, brushes and white acrylic or gesso (500ml), wtaercolour and acrylic paints. These materials will allow for a wide range of possibilities and enable you to have fun. Please dress so you will not worry about potentially getting a little messy.