Life Drawing Mar 21st


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Day:Monday 7 – 9 pm

Dates: 21/03

Tutor: Andrew Watson

This is an tutored group.  Cost of the model is included in the  enrolment fee.  Members provide their own materials.

Bring a range of materials to the class e.g. A1 or A2 paper, pencils, charcoal, (willow and compressed), charcoal pencil, eraser, drawing ink, pen and nib, a small cheap printing roller, brushes, white paint (water based, acrylic, gouache, even matt emulsion), watercolor set and a palette.

Dont worry if you do not have all these materials; just bring what you have and you can build up as you go. This list will allow for a wide range of possibilities and lots of fun. Also dress so you will not worry about potentially getting a little messy.