Film Showing – The Nettle Dress



The community cinema ‘Pix in the Stix’, based in East Linton, will be showing ‘The Nettle Dress’ on Saturday 18/11/2023

in East Linton Community Hall as part of an evening of short films by independent film-makers.

The Nettle Dress is a film of direct interest to spinners and weavers, and is currently on limited release only. This showing is an open event, and your members would be very welcome.

Tickets can be reserved in advance by emailing ‘, but admission is by donation which has to be made at the door (tickets can only be reserved in advance, not actually purchased). The suggested donation is £5 cash – please note we’re currently unable to take card payments.

Doors open at 19:00, with the films due to start at 19:30. The Nettle Dress will be preceded by a couple of short films made by other independent film makers.

I’d be very grateful if you were able to distribute this information to your members.

Please contact me, or the email address at pixinthestix if you’d like any further information.


June Fletcher