Workshop Life Drawing 4

Workshop Life Drawing 4


Places Available: 3

* You may only book one place per class *

Tutor : George Glen  –

Dates : Monday 7 – 9 pm   16th March

Costs : £15

In this series of workshops general direction and individual tutoring will be provided by George Glen over a two hour session.  A model is provided and students are to provide their own drawing materials.

In these classes we will explore drawing from the life figure focusing on two main areas.

  • How to see and record with growing accuracy.
  • Becoming open to fresh perspectives in our use of materials and thinking and allowing for a widening appreciation of value in our work.

Please bring a range of materials to the class,  A1 or A2 paper  –   pencils, charcoal, charcoal pencils,

  • drawing ink, pen and nib  –   a small cheap printing roller, brushes –
  • white paint , water based, acrylic, gouache  –  watercolor set and a palette.