PACC 2016/17 Members Exhibition


Duchess of Hamilton Award

(for the most outstanding exhibit in the painting and drawing section).
‘Middle of Nowhere’ by Patricia Kane
Highly Commended
‘Tracery of Old Gothic Village’ by Ann Gilmour
‘Paesaggio’ by Susan Haley’
‘Fox’ by Emily Nimmo

Granary Bowl

(for the best exhibit in the handicraft section)
‘Octopus Pot’ by William Fotheringham
Highly Commended
‘Tyger’ by Robin Cameron
‘Milk & Sugar Set’ by Jackie Hunter
‘Woodland Colours’ by Jimmy Milne

Poldrate Plaque

(for the best work in the fabric section)
‘Traditional Lace Scarf’
by Janet Moodie
Highly Commended
‘Seascape Shawl’ by Bernie Rowan – Ross
‘Changing Seasons’ by Esther Renwick

Ken Maskell Award

(for the most original piece of work in the exhibition)
‘Sweet Pea Necklace’ by Victoria Murray

Visitors Choice Award

(Selected by visitors vote as the most popular piece)
Lillian Stewart

Prizewinners Gallery

Displayed below is a collection of pictures of just some of the pieces in the exhibition. Click on the images below for a large image view.  While in large image view you can scroll through the images using the arrow icons to the left and right of the image. The image can also be expanded to full-screen if required.

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